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How FLP can help your Family and Friends:

Help Provide Optimum Health and Vitality

Support Immune System

Boost Energy

Help losing & Maintaining Weight Balance

Detoxification, Nutrition and Protection

Aloe Based Skin and Hair Care Nourishes & Protects

Support a Healthy and Balance Diet

 aloe products

World’s biggest Grower, Manufacturer and Distributor of Aloe Vera products.

Plant to Product, Self Reliant. 

Own Aloe Plantations, Manufacturing and Packaging Plants and Storage Facilities.

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products Manufacturing


Controls The Largest Aloe Farm In The World.

World Renown for quality Aloe & Bee products.

View Plantation and Manufacturing Process videos below. 

Forever Living Products was established since 1978, over 37 years, in over 150 Countries.

Malaysia’s FLP,  long established, started since 1983.  

Why Join FLP?

New members pay only RM90, including GST for LIFE TIME Membership,

and Get to purchase at 15% Discount for LIFE !

PLUS receive a Starter Pack with 

1 Liter Forever Aloe Vera Gel FREE - worth RM95.40 retail.

+ Manual and Product Catalogue

Plus Aloe and Bee Products are Natural, Nutritious and Convenient way to help you keep healthy. 

Drink Aloe Vera every day

Why FLP's Aloe and Bee Farm Products ?

Watch These Awesome Plantation And Manufacturing Videos.

Aloe Vera America Plantations Tour

Dominican Republic Aloe Plantation

Largest aloe plantation in the world

Forever Living Products owns its own Aloe plantations in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas,

as well as a huge plantation in the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Republic Aloe Plantation

Some things mentioned in the above video:

Best soil, right climate and weather.

5,000 acres plantation.

About 30 million aloe plants on the ground.

Harvest 1 million pounds of leaves per week.

Average about 12,000 gallons of juice a day.

Quality most important.


Aloe Vera Of America Manufacture & Distribution (video)

Forever Living Bee Products

Forever Bee Farm

Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly & Honey

Largest Manufacturer of Hive products in the United States,

and One of the Largest in the World. 

Finest Ingredients - Hives located in the high Sonoran desert of Arizona.

Pristine environment, prevents contaminants such as pesticides and pollutants. 


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