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Many years ago, I had a bad case of tonsillitis. I had to make many visits to the doctor (GP) and specialist and each time being asked to take stronger and stronger antibiotics yet the symptoms still returned for months.

I became anxious, as that is not good for my future health, and the real cure has yet to be seen.  I felt I needed another solution.

I searched the net and found that aloe vera and bee products may help, I then recalled Forever Living Products (FLP) has been long established, and reputable for their aloe vera and bee products. I recall someone showing the FLP products to my family when I was very young.

I then called the FLP head office and asked them to send someone really experience as I really needed help. They send me a very experience FLP trainer.

When starting on the Forever Aloe Vera Gel, it is usually about  15ml twice a day till later on can increase to 60ml. However, due to my dire circumstance, she advised me to take a high dose of aloe vera juice, which is one bottle a day in three days, adding forever honey and sea salt.  And to sucked on the bee propolis tablet several times a day, not exceeding eight tablets.

Found their products to be very reliable, yet natural, and convenient to use and take along with me at any time.

Right after the third day, all the symptoms was unbelievably gone, and the best part was the tonsillitis did not return, even now so many years later.

It was amazing and real eye opener for me. Perked my interest and I began to read, searched and asked questions, and hence began my journey to rely more on taking natural food and supplements, rather than easily reaching for that easy prescription or seeing the doctor.

Since then, have shared FLP’s goodness with family, friends and acquaintances, and they have re-affirmed its goodness many times over.

Best thing is being a member of FLP, which is free for life, you get 15% off the retail price. And once you reached the limit of purchasing a certain amount during a specified period, discounts are 30% for life, no maintenance of monthly limits. 

A herbalist friend of mine, who is good with herbs and natural products had also taught me through the years to add on certain herbs and remedies for certain ailments for even more effectiveness, and aided my transition.

I have also shared the wonderful every day food and herbs that we have taken for granted, and many have being helped much by it.

As I let go of each of these prescribed medication when I’ve found remedies that worked well, I became more comfortable and have not relied on prescribe or over the counter medications for more than 10 years now.

Ironically, ended up I seldom get flu too. In rare instances which I have noticed at moments when rushing projects and not have enough sleep etc, that I have caught the bug, quickly seeking out those flu remedy, natural food and supplements, I have recovered from flu much faster and with minimal symptoms.

Some instances I feel the early signs like chills or running nose etc, and quickly boost up my arsenal of flu remedy and food that boost the immune system, often to my delight I find further onset does not result or take hold and all is normal again.

Each person’s body and reaction to products and infection is varied, hence, the time your journey will take to move towards natural products may vary, you would be the best judge of your body, how fast and to what extend you can best switch rely more on natural remedies.

I have also found through the years, food storage and preparation, methods of cooking and combination of foods are equally important, the right way can enhance the potency of the active ingredients of the food.

Certain foods are better eaten raw but some food release its active ingredients when cooked or cooked with a bit of oil.

Unfortunately, some of these sensitive active ingredients done the wrong way, can instead be not so good for our health, even though it is a healthy food.

It is a journey, come and join us and discover this wonderful journey too.

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By Chris Chew.

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